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Child Psychiatrist in Princeton, New Jersey

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Les Linet MD is a physician, as well as a board certified adult and child psychiatrist in Princeton, New Jersey, with more than 40 years of experience in treating mental health problems.
Mood Disorders - Les Linet MD in Princeton, NJ
Are they floundering in school?
ADHD Assistance - Les Linet MD in Princeton, NJ
Are they behaving disruptively?
Depression Help - Les Linet MD in Princeton, NJ
Are they miserable and unhappy?
Anxiety - Les Linet MD in Princeton, NJ
Are they living with excessive anxiety or fears?
Dr. Linet is board certified in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry. He has experience and expertise in treating disruptive, acting out behavior as well as mood and anxiety disorders in kids. He also has considerable expertise in divorce and family difficulties. His background includes having served as the medical and psychiatric director of a residential treatment facility for severely disturbed children and adolescents. He also served on the faculty of two medical schools and has written “The Search for Stimulation: Understanding attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder.”

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